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Ahatmose wrote:

> Hi Davd I have actually studied his work and I own almost a
> complete collection of his first editions including all Ace
> Doubles. He had been enlightened but he did not understand it
> despite your indignance to the contrary.
> Harlan Ellison on the other hand not only understood it he
> wallowed in it and relished the connations which his
> "Wonderland" evoked. I am glad that my outlooks have not been
> nearly as frightening as Harlan's for I would hate to imagine
> that I was what he thought we were and had no mouth and could
> not scream
> Don Barone
My indignance was not due to your contention that he did not understand it but that he did not study. Case in point, his reading of the Nag Hammadi texts at a time when only the most arcane scholars were even discussing them, let alone the general public. It's doubtful that anyone truly "understands" prior to relinquishing their eidolon permanently. To paraphrase the literary character who suffered a TLE episode on the road to Damascus, "For now we see only as through a scanner darkly." ;)

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