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In my own readings I have never found confirmation of PKD being diagnosed schizophrenic by a psychiatrist or psychologist either, Tony. I never thought he was "mad" but considered that PKD may have self diagnosed himself as such as one means of interpreting his glimpses into the Daemonic real world of the Pleorama. Some of the paranoid perceptions upon which he based the semiautobiographical "Through a Scanner Darkly" may have been induced by his self confessed indulgence in amphetamines but I think those episodes are a footnote in the context of his overall experiences. I once read an article by PKD in which he commented that originally he used amphetamines to bring him to what others considered their normal state and I think it is curious to note that hyperactive children and bi-polar children are routinely prescribed stimulants to bring them down to what passes for normal in our society. I think that has some bearing also on that phenomenon of speeded up time you cite in "The Daemon".

In my eclectic readings on the itladic experience, I came to the conclusion, as many before me, that there were many doors leading into the same room. NDE, psychotropics, TLE, religious and secular meditation, self induced traumatic vision quests, dietary modification, fasting, all are doors into the same "room". IMHO

Anthony Peake wrote:

> I had to fire my last posting off before IO had fully finished
> it .... my apologies.
> Further to my comments about PKD I would like to make the
> observation that without his extreme perceptions PKD would not
> have written the amazing stories and novels that he did. In
> many ways I believe a part of him was fully in controll during
> this tim ..... a being that was to manifest into PKD'
> consciousness as VALIS, AI and Sophia (as he was to call this
> entity over a period of a few years).
> Phil, in his autobiographical writing, had long claimed that he
> had been diagnosed as suffering from a form of schizophrenia. I
> have read three biographies and I have never read any
> confirmation of this. However it is clear that there was
> something within his psychi that had opened up the "doors of
> perception" within him.

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