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Sorry if you misunderstood something I may have written earlier. PKD was in no way influenced by my work because he was long dead before my theory was ever published. What I am suggesting is that PKD was aware of many of the supporting factors of my subsequent theory. In other wordsd I cite him asa an experiencer of the reality behind the reality that my books suggest.

I totally agree with you with regard to PKD not having the "full information". In my daemon book the last chapter is an extended essay on PKD, his writing, his theophany and his death. I use him as a classic example of a person well along what I term "The Scale of Transcendence". At the far end of this.... which Phil clearly was .... the Eidolonic consciousness becomes aware of the sensory in-puts and awareness of the Daemon. This can literally drive an untrained and unprepared Eidolon insane. They simply do not have the ability to manage and interpret what they are seeing and hearing. The perceive the Pleorama .... the universe behind the universe in all its holographic-like nature.

Indeed today i discovered that Rick Strassman has been a previous AoM on this site. Rick and i have swopped a few emails and I am convinced that my theory and Rick's work on DMT ("The Spirit Molecule") may have a great deal of potential for cross-fertilisation.

Anthony Peake

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