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Don, Philip K. Dick died in 1982. Tony was being somewhat metaphorical in saying that PKD wrote everything based upon his ideas. The idea here is that the ideas of Is There Life After Death and The Daemon are transcendant ones that people all through time experience.
Philip K. Dick was probably as knowledgeable on the subject matter which informed his fiction and nonfiction as anyone during the time he lived. And yes, he was still questioning the meaning and implication of it all probably even to the moment of his Real Death. Your statement of his lack of real study indicates your own real lack of study into PKD's life and writings. Personally, I don't view Philip K. Dick as a tragic figure at all, everything in his life seems synchrondipitous. As a favor, I ask you to learn more about this man before posting such judgemental, uninformed things again. Thanx.

Ahatmose wrote:

> Hi all and You Anthony.
> Philip K Dick was a tragic soul who had been enlightenend but
> did not have the background information to understand it all.
> He could not understand what he was actually writing and
> unfortuantely it drove him "mad" and it has diven other souls
> in the past to that point as well. He had been given a glimpse
> of one possible furtue and that is what he wrote about but he
> did not realize that there are many futures and his lack of
> study did not allow him to understand it all.
> I was totally unaware that he may have based his writing on
> your work. Is there a place on the internet where I can see
> where you are coming from and if this is true then somewhere
> along the path you must have run into a fairly bright light.
> Journeying
> Don Barone

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