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I read my first Philip K Dick book about a month ago, that being the wonderful VALIS. Dick strikes me as someone that could have easily written in many different areas with ease, but for reasons lucky to us all, Philosophy and Science Ficition were the areas that allowed him to share his voice and his life best.

The mix of religion, physics, insanity, humour and just great story telling made this a real treat for me. The way in which VALIS is described is indeed extremely similar to that of the Daemon put forth by Tony, Or Anarch Peak!

The way in which the book is structured is a perfect summary of the lengths to which individual search for meaning can be taken, but after all is said and done, we are left obliterated by choices and freedoms that usually leave us a bit perplexed (completely nuts!)

The story of his son who is saved by some information sent by VALIS kept reminding me of Anthony Peake's mention about the lady who was going to take those pills that would have harmed her baby, very similar and very interesting.

What engaged me so quickly was Dick's wit and humour, he is a very humorous writer, reinforcing my belief that the best comedy requires massive intelligence and perception about the world around you. As his world got more confusing, his humour and work obviously got more daring and from this, greatness was an inevitable consequence.

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