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Thank you for introducing this thread, Tony. Philip K. Dick has taken on increased prominence in my personal ruminations and I suspect that is a major contributor to my immediate interest in your writings. The first book I read by PKD was"Martian Timeslip" as a teenager. At the time, I did not think it made much of an impression because at the time my focus was upon reading Edgar Rice Burrough's Martian series which began with "A Princess of Mars". Themes in both authors' work continued to surface continuously throughout my life even to the present. While PKD's introduction to autism, virtual consensus reality, and aboriginal shared VR on a presently impossible Mars, may seem to share nothing with ERB except setting, in retrospect, that is not the case. ERB's John Carter is a man who can never remember being younger than his perpetual present age of 33. Carter is projected to Mars by means of something akin to astral projection preceded by a sudden sound like the snapping of a steel wire. Oddly this takes place in an Arizona cave which appears to be a shamanic sacred site as he is trapped there by Apaches intent upon his demise. Carter explains that he arrived in that dire circumstance because he had been prospecting. The entire story of "A Princess of Mars" is framed within an opening and closing scene in which Carter appears out of nowhere late one night dressed in the regalia of a Warlord of Mars, in the residence of his nephew, ERB himself. As the tale ends in the predawn hour, Carter scratches his initials into the stone lintel as proof to ERB that he had not hallucinated the whole episode. A few itladian motifs there too in ERB wouldn't you say?

I have not read the entire corpus of PKD but I have read VALIS, Ubik, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and others along with biographies, interviews, articles, by and about, along with the online portions of Exegesis. I've also read John Lash and other modern Gnostic writers' comments on PKD and his relation to the modern Gnostic revival. I'll have other comments as this thread evolves.

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