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SC Would you care to explain to my two young children that the 2nd chamber of the Great Pyramid - in spite of its name - was not, in fact, the burial chamber for the Pharaoh's queen. And while you are it - can you also update every book and website published to ensure that future children are not fed this complete nonsense. How long have we known this was NOT a Queen's burial chamber and nothing has been done to change it i.e. the NAME of this chamber.

AS: It's not my responsibility to explain this to your kids, since I never made the claim....

SC: And neither did you make the claim of 200+ ton blocks in Khafre's VT. So why then are you making it your responsibility to correct what is wrong in antidox books and not what is wrong in your beloved orthodox books?

AS: Because I have to keep correcting people in debates who seem to think their are 100s of 200 ton blocks in Khafre's valley temple.....

SC: It's what YOU DON'T TELL such people though that concerns me.


SC: This is hypocrisy at is most blatant and worst!

AS Show me a fringe book that corrects Hancock and Bauval (1996) claims about 100's of 200 ton blocks?

SC: Complete evasion. This isn't about anyone correcting anything - it is about you dragging names and reputations through the mud. If you cannot afford the same time and energy to correcting what is wrong with the orthodox writings as you do in alternative writings then you are nothing but a hypocrit - pure and simple.


SC: I would think it more productive of you to get your own house in order first before trying to sort others'

AS: Are you now saying their is no recent orthodox books that corrects your straw man argument about the Queen's Chamber's name?

SC: Deflection. This is just so typical of your complete lack of awareness of the actual damage such a seemingly innocuous NAME can do through the continued propagation of outdated ideas. That single name gives to young children an entire misconception of this structure that they will grow up with. I am constantly dismayed at the number of junior school teachers I have had to inform (at least 5 so far) that this chamber was NOT in fact a chamber for the burial of the Pharaoh's Queen. They disbelieve me!! And that's the power of a name.

Change the goddamn name to something more appropriate and get your own orthodox house in order. You evidently have little conception of the real damage orthodoxy does to youngsters with its outdated names and ideas. Because you see, if they know that this chamber was not for the Queen's burial then they have a whole world of other questions to ask about this chamber and the others and this is what this stupid name denies them. It offfers a simple narrative that school teachers can spoon feed their impressionable young students. It is wrong, wrong, wrong!! And you have the gumption to call this a strawman argument! I wouldn't expect anything less from you - you simply do not see the error of your own ways.

GH and RB may well have wrongly cited the exact location for or the weight of certain blocks at Giza in their books - but otherwise we know that what they say is materially correct (there are 200+ ton blocks that the AE quarried, raised and moved) so no real harm is actually being done.

Orthodoxy on the other hand - by its sheer complaceny and entrenchment in coming up with a more suitable name for this chamber - are guilty of much worse. They are guilty of perpetuating a patently wrong notion to young, impressionable minds, giving them the completely wrong narrative thereby denying them the opportunity to question further. That's REAL damage.

Get your own act together before throwing stones at others.

Glass houses and all that.


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