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Scott Creighton wrote:

>Hello Archae,


>AS: Make sure when you elude to "smoke an mirrors" that
>you make a little more of an effort to point out the 1 possibly
>200 ton block in the pavement of Khafre's Pyramid is right in
>the quarry from which it was extracted and is at ground level,
>and the 4 in Menkaure's Mortuary temple are right next to the
>quarry from which they were extracted and that they also are at
>ground level as well.

>SC: Well thank you, Archae, for admitting the FACT that THERE
>ARE a number of 200+ ton blocks in use within structures on the
>Giza plateau.

Ya, 4 or 5 all at ground level and either in the quarry or right next to it, I have pointed these out numerous times on this board so there is no mystery here. I'd like to see a fringe archeology author get away with going on and on, paragraph after paragraph, about that feat being beyond our modern technology and see how the editor lets it past without some kind of added pizzazz to make it sound remotely believable to the layperson. One might think hat's why facts about the actual 200 ton blocks are never mentioned in such.....

>You seem to be suggesting now that G2 and G3
>pyramids were built in a quarry?

Khafre's certainly was, after all it's built into the side of a hill in which the lower part of the pyramid is quarried bedrock.... he's got one maybe-200 ton block (its full dimensions are not known) in his pavement.... that's it. WoW!

>These 200+ blocks had to be
>QUARRIED, MOVED and POSITIONED - not an easy task by any
>stretch of the imagination using bronze age technology since I
>am sure you will also aware that the FORCE required to move
>such a megalithic block ONE FOOT or ONE MILE is the same - it
>is the energy expended that is different. As I said - smoke
>and mirrors.

Never said it was easy, just possible.... since other civilization have moved similar weights with levers, sledges, ropes, and human power.

>The FACT remains - the AE of the 4th dynasty quarried, moved
>and positioned a number of 200+ ton blocks. Period.

No one claimed that they didn't, since there is absolutely nothing preventing them from doing so. Which is why we will never see it mentioned in any fringe book with less then added innuendo.


>AS: More than just considerably different than claiming
>there were hundreds used in the construction of 40 m high walls
>in Khafre's Valley temple.

>SC: And GH and RB accept their original assessment was in

If you say so....

>Well done in pointing this out. You get two brownie
>points now take "Yes" for an answer and move on.

As for the 4th dynasty, Old Kingdom construction date for the Giza pyramids, does that also include the Sphinx, Sphinx temple, and Khafre Valley temple or are they from well before the 4th dynasty?


>AS: Maybe you would like to also explain to us all why
>the ancient Egyptians of the 4th dynasty can not move these 5
>block with the simple tools modern Egyptology ascribes to

>SC: Says who? Are you now saying to us that the AE of the 4th
>Dynasty couldn't move these blocks when evidently they did? Or
>are you just being sarcastic? The AE of the 4th dynasty
>quarried these 200+ ton blocks, moved these 200+ ton blocks and
>set them in place using only their bronze age technology and a
>little bit of savvy and ingenuity.

>There - does that make it any more unequivoocal for you?

Yes, that admission is just what I am looking for.... thanks.

Archae Solenhofen (

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