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Thanks Guys! Appreciate the responses on this exciting topic. Also, Amy, thanks for the link.

I figure Mark, and Ghia, since you were both, 'kinda sorta', pointing out a similar aspect of interpretation, that I'd address your thoughts as one post.

For one thing, what if these entities actually had the ability to morph? we tend to assume that what we see in these situations is something static like ourselves, and this could very well be wrong. If this actually can and does happen, that the entities will appear as angels to some, ETs or fairies to others, then our caricatures of what we see in these situations is wrong on the grounds of being superficial

Finally, I do believe I saw elementals once and only once It seemed that they were running around inside the woodwork of a church pew,,

And Ghia:

Concrete? depends on what one wants or desires to 'study'. Does it work? Any Path/System can work, what is your Relationship to that going to be? What do you want it to be?

So, to both of you, I understand and agree with your points about perceptional/spiritual relativity.

When I first started posting on this subject here on the boards a few years back, I was preaching this same thing in fact. For many Robert Anton Wilson is of course the poster boy for this kind of view, and being a student of his work, I was at a high point of focus about these points. I had tried with my own amateur intuitions to extrapolate from this angle with an idea that perhaps, the way the mind has the tendency to (as in a dream for instance) insert content so as to provide a workable conceptualization or backdrop, whether for scene, setting and sensibility. Or for an attempt to symbolize something compositely; be it mundane or very otherworldly.

I had felt there were characteristics to different “ultra-terrestrial” life, that appear like abstractions in the unconscious when viewed from the rational circuit mind. But that we form association chains with the personalities of life encountered in altered states of consciousness, to life on earth, and that this helps to form, especially over time, a static “thought form” that is perhaps part of genetic memory. So from this it seemed reasonable to see the forms these beings take, as being simply metaphor, or the brains best guess at something indefinable in the kind of imagistic terms we think in.

So, that’s where my head has been at concerning that kind of thing. Where I was talking from with my current post, is taking into account the importance of when large groups of people carry a consensus about the nature behavior and script of these beings, in addition to the forms they take. Rick and Grahams book both contain this as a means to find orientation. Supernatural has allot of accounts of folk lore tales, and beliefs that were “understood to be true”, by the believers at the time. Elementals for instance, like in your experience Mark, have certain kinds of behavior that make them pretty easy to pick out. I mean, speedy rascals running around inside wood? Sounds like Brownies to ME!! Lol :-P

So I guess really what I’m getting at here is, when the ‘dream scientists’ over the ages noted that in altered states of consciousness one seems to encounter a scale of lord of flies to lord of skies, the experience begs the notion of a hierarchy. So in the context of class and order, how does the information between the modern DMT studies speak to the information found in historical accounts? Or anything thoughts that might be generated by the juxtaposition of these two collections of information.

Best Wishes!


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" -Albert Einstein

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