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One thing in particular I'd like to send out to everyone here this month is concerning,,, I guess a more classical habit of asigning order to the different kinds of beings encountered in altered states of consciousness.

In allot of 'esoteric' thinking for instance, there seems to be a consensus that on the 'astral plane' one tends to go from 'the lord of the flies' to - the lord of the skies, so to speak. And with that comes a general feel of progressing from something 'spiritually' very base or larva to something majestic or even wholesome, in the quality and personality of the experience and being associated with the class of manifestation. Heaven and Hell I suppose in Huxley's words.

In mystery school systems like The Golden Dawn for instance, (as well as others in this vein of psychonauts) the Gnome/Dwarf/Faerie experience is thought of as a class of "elemental" beings. Interacting with them in altered states of consciousness is described as having some kind of reduced human personality, not an drone, but with a tone of automata or instinctive behavior. In the esoteric crowd I guess the notion is that on a psychic, or holographic level, it is the plateauing of different kingdoms of life on earth. We might say that these "elementals" are the sum total of experiences in a collective spark of consciousness amongst less sophisticated orders of life on earth. Gnomes and Faerie's are thought of as being the "higher self" of different kingdoms of vegetation and earth. Ayahuasca drinkers will often encounter snakes and insects or insect 'gods' for instance. Smoking DMT on the other hand, can bring more of a technological hive instinct to the table as with my DMT experience.

Now I don't mean to push any view here, but I intrigued by the feedback encountered when we cross correlate DMT experiences with the traditional descriptions given historically, especially by those experiencialists that made direct contact by what ever means.

So to the authors, Graham, and anyone else: Do you feel there is any patterns or systems of meaning amongst DMT, Ayahuasca, or alternative methods of exploration and the style of being encountered? How does that relate to traditional descriptions and systems of meaning, as in the example I gave, or any other?

Warm Wishes


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" -Albert Einstein

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