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Perhaps the obsession with proving 'ESP' or validation of parapsychology is the problem, perhaps we might explore and examine using a multi-disciplinary approach; biology, physics, neurology, math, and chemistry, ancient religion-culture (this is not new as the Sutras have been widely examined - and many other religions - including many discussed on this board - shamanism, re-incarnation etc), psychology - metaphysics, sociology, history and archeology etc.

It is as if scholars are attempting to siphon something bigger than the current 'container' they siphon aspects into small little avenues not understanding why the 'laws' don't seem to fit.

A good example regards examining telepathy as thought based instead of feeling based or even smell based-a biological function (Jacobsen's Organ by Lyall Watson) or telepathy as a combo of many different functions.

Or Patanjali's information on the advanced siddhis, or other information on the advanced use of Mantras (John Blofeld and others)

Coupled with new information coming out of neurology about the brain - etc...and then you have historical information and 'time' issues - get my drift.

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Which branch of Parapsychology should get most funding? 173 Me 28-Apr-08 00:50
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