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When I last watched a parapsychology item in the news it showed how researchers imitated OOB experiences with Virtual reality technology, proving they said that these experiences were imaginary, as similar research in flight simulators disproved those charlatan Wright bros. Amazed at how taxes can be dispensed I wonder what types of research should get the cash?

Children with past life memories? Those that have been tested and analysed show verifiable and obscure knowledge. Yet I don't think this will break into mainstream thinking anytime soon with such personal implications for what we as humans might be. Something as profound as this is a poor way to push parapsychology generally as a research field. It does however offer the most interesting and absorbing line of enquiry, in my book anyway.

Ganzfeld and other ESP/ remote viewing is another potential candidate to push. My problem with this is how descriptions can be interpreted and reinterpreted until the results become an unending debate. It doesn't tend to lead to clean yes/no answers in the data. Not to say I disagree with the penomenas existence, but I know a man who can, endlessly. Having said that it can show analysis and in the potential long term might be almost practical.

Random number generator experiments are probably the best bet I can think of to sell parapsch. They can give a steady stream of yes no answers for mathematicians to play with. The standard problems being replicability and maintaining the phenomena. Distracting the subject seems a hopeful avenue to the problem. I don't know if subjects have been asked to perform another task to occupy their concious mind during the experiment, or if other measures might be employed to keep them only partly on the target. The bizarre prospect of giving the subject a single measure of alcohol springs to mind, I wonder how one might get this past the review board?

Would others consider another experimental or reseach group more worthy? Or know of better ways to approach the field?

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