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Hi Louise,

Thank you for pointing out “The Veracity of Psychics” thread on the Science and Space board. I just took a quick look at Deep’s opening statement and if I understand him correctly, it seems to me that he is primarily raising the issue of the level of veracity of “psychic predictions” of the future versus other ways of extrapolating into the future. The whole issue of veridical premonitions is, in my opinion, a topic that has yet to be explored thoroughly, but even if such paranormal (or “psychic”) predictions are less accurate than other forms of predictions, that does not necessarily mean there is nothing to them. In analogy, telepathic transfer of information may genuinely occur (and, based on the evidence, I believe it does in some cases), but in most situations I would prefer to use a telephone to communicate with someone rather than attempt to send the information telepathically.

Best wishes,


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