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Thank you again for your reply. I must confess to coming to this from a literary rather than a scientific background. Paranormal to me defines the nature of the cause of the phenomena. Something definable in scientific terms. Supernatural indicates that there is no explanation behind it, the will of God, or Fate or some other unlimited entity which can ignore cause and effect. In cultural terms this is a very monotheistic difference of view. Some ideas within Buddhism and some shamanic traditions might actually be in part described in paranormal terms of natural forces with definable limits.

I sometimes wonder if a new term to describe paranormal would help in the short term, presented as a rational explanation to disprove the "mumbo jumbo" before the unhelpful old labels can be associated. The general public I believe are interested and willing to look at the paranormal. It's mostly the people who hold the grant money that hold the bias against parapsychology. I have come to think in fact that parapsychology requires a deal with the unholy forces of marketing and concept presentation.

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