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Hi “Me,”

You raise some very important points regarding labeling and the misuse of language. In particular, as you suggest, many people (including many who should know better) confuse and conflate the terms paranormal and supernatural. The term paranormal is commonly used by many academic parapsychologists to denote phenomena that fall within the domain of the natural, even if currently poorly understood (i.e., they are paranormal), whereas true supernatural events might involve such aspects as transcendent beings, discarnate spirits, divine volition, the suspension of the laws of nature (not just an extension of the laws of nature, at least as we understand them at the moment), and so forth. However, the boundary between paranormal and supernatural can be very fuzzy indeed, as one person’s “paranormal” may be another person’s “supernatural.” To quote from the late Marcello Truzzi, “[T]erms like ‘paranormal’ were originally introduced to naturalize the supernatural.” (quoted from the article by Marcello Truzzi reprinted in The Parapsychology Revolution, p. 259)



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