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Hi lover, thanks for the reply,

I was wondering if you'd be willing to offer up any sort of hint or clue; because to hone in on your question by means of a retrocognitive telepathy (of sorts) without having an iota of an idea as towards what (in an infinite range of possibilities) one is looking for may be severely daunting to anyone trying. Even something as simple as saying if the question was rather simple or intricate would be helpful; though I'm not sure if you'd want to go as far as saying it were a "yes or no" question; (for instance), if that were indeed the case - understandably so as 50/50 would'nt be much of a test or proof. Perhaps if it were a simple question like "Is anybody here telepathic?"; this could be called a simple question, and if it were a question like "Does anybody know if such n such is mentioned in such n such book?" ...or... "What were you doing/Where were you on such and such date or when such and such transpired?" ...could be called an intricate question. Perhaps simple questions (or ideas/words/actions etc) may be easier to pick up, what are your thoughts?

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