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I realize this thread is old but some might still get the email listing sent to them from when they were interested.

When I started this thread it was to get Hoagland to grant the credit to Wil Faust that he deserved for his discovery of the tetrahedron on Mars. It was also to get Hoagland to validate the images he used with image numbers. I am certain he not only misused Wil Faust image by taking it without providing proper credit but that he also tried to make the reader think the tetrahedron along with another pyramid yet unidentified were in or near cydonia.

This was blatantly wrong and needs to be corrected.

BUT many here did not get the point. Why was I pursuing this. I was told I was editing Hoaglands book, that it didn't matter, that I was mean etc. Anything but the actual reason I was doing this was brought up....

Today I sat down to read my February 2008 copy of Smithsonian, turning to page 8 I began to read the Letters page. There in the center column was the title clarification.

It seems that Paul Raffaele wrote an article "Keepers of the Lost Ark?" Seems he consulted among other references a book by Graham Hancock, "The Sign and the Seal" (which I enjoyed reading very much). Well Mr. Raffaele did not acknowledge the Sign and the Seal which Mr. Hancock wrote to express his dismay about, and the editors looking into the situation concluded that Raffaeles approach to the subject was his own.

They go on to say that Raffaeles words echo Hancocks in one significant instance. They go on to quote from the book which doesn't need to be done here.

In the end Raffaele apoligized for failure to cite Hancocks book and the editors of Smithsonian express their regret for the lapse....

So I guess Mr. Hancock understands the value of intellectual property, perhaps he can teach some of that to his friend R. C. Hoagland?

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