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Emil I merely took that from your posting... it seemed to be directed at me if it wasn't than I apologize... but I'm not exactly sure to who or what you would be making a reference.

I do need to correct you however in that it is not George Haas who is deceased, in fact it is that very book Cydonia Codex Reflections from Mars that I assisted with in re-producing material that RCH claimed copyright to and insisted upon monetary payment to use.

The originator of the material was Wilmer Faust and it was George Haas that sent the image to RCH for a "CONFIDENTIAL" opinion. Those emails are contained in this thread.

George is not happy with the circumstances at hand and has been reading here all along. IT might be time for him to weigh in himself on this.

emil wrote:

> Dear Starjim,
> I dont recall targeting you with such belittling labels.
> You would agree ,I hope ,that it is very rare for someone
> suffering from such attributes ,to recognize & identify himself
> so immediately & vehemently with such soi-disant attributes,so
> are you really for real,or are you just role- playing some
> transpontine farce??
> As I understand it,[I could be wrong ],the sole reason for yr
> presence here is out of respect for yr recently deceased
> friend, George Haas,& the lack of acknowledgement of some of
> his original work by RCH,in his recent book.
> I am ,at this moment ,listening to a interview on C2C [monday
> aug 22 2005] with RCH & George Haas et al,[as a direct
> consequence of a reference to George Haas on page 350 in ''Dark
> Mission'' ]
> The tone is cordial ,collegiate & respectful..unlike the tenor
> of some posts here...somehow I get the impression that no one
> would ever term George Haas small minded or petty ,......
> he makes definite connections with geoglyphs on Mars to
> traditional structures Meso America et al, on Earth.He brings
> up themes of death & resurrection.He is not afraid to speculate
> & make connections on artistic ground.I suspect his response to
> the ommission of a attribution to his original work ,if he
> noticed it at all,would be a polite note asking for a
> correction in the revised I do understand yr
> sense of loss,but you should try to maintain some sense of
> perspective....that interview in 2005 would have had an
> audience of some 5 to 10 million people & apparently RCH was
> at least, partially to blame for it taking place,whereas, I
> ask,do many people actually read books[ even ''Dark Mission'']
> these days IMO ...Mr Haas comes across ,in this interview with
> RCH and others, as open minded,balanced ,humorous,polite, with
> a questioning ,dare I say, cosmic type of mind .He shows a
> willingness to look at the big picture , ask the big questions
> & not to be afraid of the startling answers that pop out
> if you were a close friend of his, I frankly do not
> understand your (Terms Edited by Mod) approach to all things
> RCH,
> it certainly doesnt appear to be George Haas' attitude back in
> 2005 ,going by this interview at least.........I ,for one,
> would have liked to have met him & to have asked some really
> big questions ,I suspect that he would have had some very
> interesting answers............
> another missed opportunity ..............

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