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what a missed opportunity here ., are paradigm shattering photos like blue light scattering around the moon's horizon & other anomalies ,& people either dont bother to look at them ,or else having read the book ,looked at the pictures , they get involved with (edited) retentive ,thinly veilled personal attacks to do with nothing terribly important on page 33 ,its like being territorial about a little puddle with a little sandbucket & spade,while not being able to see the enormous ocean all around you or being at a convention of medieval theologians discussing the number of angels standing on the head of a pin............I am amazed that the author of the month has persisted in his quest over the years ,despite the snide ,small minded,unrelenting attacks which never dare go to the point of his thesis ,but always about a minor trivial side issue or a personal attack
I do realize that Mr Hoagland has many projects running at the same time,& that his interpretation of events has changed over the years.
I am curious about how he sees the time scale of events in the moon & mars history when these anomalies were created.Is it a scale of millions/hundreds of or merely tens of thousands of years?
My main concern is that the Indian Vedas talk of dwellings & human travel to the moon & other planets ..their time scale is usually accepted to be ten thousand yrs or so ,going by the Vedas description of the melting of Himalayan glaciers & the Sarasvarti river being created ,though some claim up to 40,000 yrs ago for the battle in which Krishna & Arjuna fought, presumably ,with atomic weapons..also the transmission of knowledge through the ages is presumably orally via secret societies,the masons seem to claim pre flood knowledge in their masonic bible............I just find it difficult to see hidden knowledge being orally transmitted for more than 10 to 20 thousand years .Having said that, the photos do speak for themselves to anyone with an unblinkered mind,there is something on the moon & mars & Nasa is extremely reluctant to acknowledge these anomalies.

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