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I purchased your book, and I am reading it. I found it in the "New Age" section of Barnes and Noble. (Curiously enough, I found a book by Sitchin stuck in the science section. Sitchen used to be in the New Age section.) And I found a pencil notation on paragraph 3 of page VI in the introduction to your book, regarding mission patch symbology. I can't imagine the scenario of someone standing in front of the rack with a pencil in hand. It's just strange.

I regard you as an entertainer, and I enjoy your rounds of the media. I don't begrudge you the right to make a living. There is a niche for this stuff. People enjoy it. So, congratulations on being published.

But, I take issue with some of the things you have said in this thread. I was also a friend of Wil's, and in particular, he brought the tetrahedon to my attention independently of Anomaly Hunters. I was looking at the image because of the possibility of a face looking at the Tet.

You apparently feel that it is disrespectful for someone to refer to you as "Hoagland," yet throughout your book, "Dark Mission," you or your co-author refer to you as Hoagland. Anyone who doubts this, pick up a copy of the book, and fan the pages. The usage of "Hoagland" is everywhere. (The physical book is very nice, by the way, and although a paperback, it is of a good size and easy to hold and read.)

I also think you used Wil's image. The most important thing to me is that the general public understands that Wil Faust was the finder of the tetrahedon in Candor. You, yourself, plaster copyright notations on most of your work. Wil also had that notation on the tetrahedon image. He had a right to do that for value added to the original and for the framed content.

--"And, I'm sorry that in the formatting of "Dark Mission," Wil didn't receive the acknowledgement originally intended for finding THIS new example of a most important architectural form on Mars..."

--"so, Wil deserves some form of acknowledgement for bringing it to my (and others...) attention."

I am not sure what "formatting" has to do with acknowledging someone else's value-added work. You could have included him in the Acknowledgements" in the back of the book as Wil F., in the same manner as others, or, better yet, in the "special remembrances" paragraph. But, I consider your comments as the apology sought. The second comment is somewhat belittling to Wil, but we won't quibble.

--"However, inexplicably (by your own admission in your post), you also say "...the MSG original is SO PURE AND OBVIOUS all that needed to be done was to simply crop the thing as is WITHOUT ANY CHANGES OR ENHANCEMENTS."

--"So, where then, is the unique "intellectual property value" of Wil Faust's work...that I've, somehow 'stolen without credit?'"

Well, check around. Your opinion that there is no value added cheapens everyone's work. It isn't for you to say or decide what constitutes added value. What a risk you run with that attitude. It cheapens your own work as well. I do note that you have a copyright notation on the Cydonia tetrahedon sitting next to Wil's Candor tetrahedon. It must have been important to you, possibly for value added.

--"In this era of the Internet, where EVERYONE has now become a potential publisher of "original intellectual content," no one can possibly keep track of ALL the sources out there. So, those of us who write and publish professionally DEPEND on sharp readers, who are constantly searching the Net, to 'keep us honest.'"

I am glad you understand why we are concerned.

--"I'd suggest, since you're such a public "Wil Faust fan," that a little more energy in THAT direction could be considerably more important to Wil's lasting memory--than "attacking me" for another boring example of one more stupid screw-up in the book publishing business."

I am also a public "Wil Faust fan." In my opinion, Wil Faust's legacy is not the Tetrahedon, nor Parrotopia, but the unfailing gentlemanly and kind manner in which he conducted his work and his life. The rest is gravy. However, Wil was excited by BOTH of his discoveries. His enthusiasm for the possibility of architecture on Mars matched your own, and time would have placed him in the ranks of published author as well.

People all over the net knew Wil Faust and benefitted from knowing him. His name in your book would have been a plus.

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