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SphinxGirl and Starjim:

You are exceeding the limits of the Code of Conduct here.
Any further implications of atacking any member or guest of GHMB could result in suspension of your account(s).

Please demonstrate respect.

Do not reply to this Warning.

If you desire to respond, do so by e-mail to any Moderator.

For your information, excerpts from the CoC/RoE:

You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, libellous,
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Remember that other posters and members of the team are real people. Therefore, and at all times, please employ the same high standards of politeness that are expected of all of us in "real life" interactions.

Please be considerate and never belittle, unduly criticize, hurt or
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In all cases refrain from falsely accusing people and/or groups by
conjecture like in far out conspiracy theories as legal implication
could be involved.

Please do not resort to excessive use of uppercase typing - this
is the equivalent of SHOUTING!

Racially offensive or abusive language is banned at all times.

Posting something that's deliberately angry, sarcastic, sardonic,
spiteful and/or otherwise mean-spirited, like racially offensive
and/or abusive language, is totally unacceptable.

Posting such deliberately provocative things in general and/or or
aimed at other posters or members of the
team just to stir up trouble will not be tolerated; the same is true
for pornography or links to pornographic sites.

Discussing and/or otherwise hinting at decisions of the team on any of the boards is not allowed and such posts will be deleted.

If a poster resorts frequently to this type of posting, his/her
account will be deleted. However, if in any disagreement with a decision of the team, please contact our web editor.
Your complaint will be processed carefully.


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