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Sorry that this thread is bringing out some negatives it is only my intention to deal directly with RCH. It was the last of many tries via other means to make contact with him. I patiently await his answer my asking him to identify the Viking image number for the image on page 306.

A note about respect which seems to have engendered the responses beyond the topic of the book and images in question. If it is permitted.

I live my life allowing for the greatest level of common courtesy in my interaction in society. There are at minimum 12 definitions in the online internet dictionary for respect. The basic concept however denotes one of deeper consideration leading to higher levels of responses.

That is what I mean when I say that respect is earned. We all have respect for life, liberty etc. But none of these things came to us without a deeper level of understanding their value.

As complicated human beings we are also capable of handling seemingly contradictory values; example being I can respect your right to your opinion but not respect your opinion. Placing a requirement on a value i.e. to earn respect does not mean that the inverse is true, that being everyone is disrespected until it is earned... The value of respect simply isn't used until it is earned.

Kind of like an award that sits on the shelf until it is given for an achievement.

The rules here are similar to my own forum and I have handled up to 500,000 hits per month there with little or no problems as long as people attack issues and not other people. I have also not been a stranger here though I haven't posted here since Fuzzy first took over the webmaster duties (I understand he is now gone from that) I spent many evenings chatting via the internet with Fuzzy and watched his progress here for quite some time.

I normally would not pursue this, I have seen material usurped before and let it go... in this case however I promised my dead friends widow and brother that I would protect his material and that is what I am doing here petty or not.

Attribution for the use of the image, credit for the discovery and an apology and removal of the image in the next printing are what will make it right. Wilmer Faust deserves nothing less, so he can rest in peace


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