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Just for the record you stated Mr. Hoagland that you didn't know who posted the image at Amazon, anybody could have done it....

The image resides in the Mike Bara folder online at Amazon and he was the poster. Don't you talk to your own co-author?

Now let's follow the sequence... 7/27/2006

----- Original Message -----
From: George Haas
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 5:03 PM
Subject: Wil's Tetrahedron


July 25th marked the one year anniversary of our good friend Wil Faust's passing. We were asked by his widow not to release any of his material until a year had pasted.

The attached short paper is a description of Wil's discovery of a small tetrahedron discovered in a section of west Candor Chasma.

If you have time, could you please take a look and tell me what you think.

George J Haas
Project Teardrop

From: RCH
To: George Haas
Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2006 9:10 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Wil's Tetrahedron (again)



I HAVE seen this before, but it came via someone else ... not you or Wil. Usually I mark images with the individuals attached (except for images we find ourselves), and this one seems NOT to have an "attribution." Yet, I'm pretty sure I didn't find it ....

Is puzzlement. :)

Anyway, yes -- WOW!!!!

Does Wil have anything further to add re his analysis -- other than what's in the doc? Like -- WHERE (exactly) it's located (lat/long). I would STRONGLY suspect that the geometry will be reflected in the location -- a double confirmation of it's artificiality .... :)


8/31/2006 (from George Haas)

Hello Richard,

Over the past few days it has come to my attention from various sources that
you were on C2C with Tom Van Flandern last week and mentioned Wil's
Tetrahedron. I have not heard the show, so I'm only going on what I've been
told. They said you informed Dr. Van Flandern that you "had" an image of a
perfect three sided pyramid, with sand against just one side.

Judging from this description, it sounds like you were referring to Wil's


If you were, we would like to join you on C2C with this discovery and break
the story of Wil's Tetrahedron - officially.


In your previous e-mail to me (8/13) -acknowledging your recent receipt of
Wil's Tetrahedron - you thought you had seen the image previously, but you
were unsure about who might have sent it to you.

Well, I'm pretty sure I was the source. As I recall, I sent both you and
Mark Carlotto a copy of Wil's Tetrahedron (via e-mail) almost two years ago
at Wil's request. The image was sent to both of you for analysis - under an
agreement of confidentiality. Unfortunately we received no review or

At the time I sent you and Mark the image - The Cydonia Institute and
members of the Anomaly Hunters (including Keith Laney) were all working on
Wil's Parrotopia discovery - preparing a science paper - and his tetrahedron
was put on the back burner. Unfortunately Wil died before we completed the

Our work on the paper was also put on hold (at the Journals request) until
we received a second image. Last year Jim Miller and I requested MSSS to
reimage Wil's parrot formation. That second image of confirmation was just
taken in July and released during the first week of August. We are now in
the process of completing the paper for publication.

With the release of this second image we were planning on taking it to C2C
as a show suggestion and mentioning the Tetrahedron as a follow up show.

Your thoughts,

George J. Haas
The Cydonia Institute

Response from Hoagland 9/3/2006


Yes, [thats] the Malin image I attached to my previous e-mail. There are two "tets captured: one partially buried "regular" version ... and a rounded, highler level "mathematical version" inside a round enclosure (old crater wall?).

These are separate from the image you sent recently.

I don't know who "Mosco" is .... :)


George Haas <> wrote:


is this the tetrahedron (attached) that you were talking about on C2C ?

As far as I know, this three sided pyramid is in the Cydonia area and was discovered back in 2003 by Mosco, - like Wil Faust - a member of the Anomaly Hunters.


George J. Haas
The Cydonia Institute

BTW, Jim, could you give me Mosco's name and e-mail.



At best it looks like a tangled web... Who knew what and when did RCH know it? We certainly know how he used it!

RCH you didn't even know the Tetrahedron was in the bottom of Candor Chasma, and make no reference to that in your book (as far as I could find). Even with the image number provided in the very short paper George and I wrote to memorialize the find you couldn't do the research necessary to locate the tetrahedron on the surface of Mars. (that entailed actually entering the MSSS number into a web browser).

The two page article by Geroge Haas and Jim Miller []

note the date is July 25, 2006

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