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After several direct emails to you and postings all over the net originating from many different individuals it is interesting that you finally respond here!

From the bottom up Hoagland....

A scientific paper on Parrotopia has already been written and submitted, more progress on that front is awaited. It has 6 authors of varying skills and backgrounds involved we would also like to bolster the paper with a geologist, in case one is reading and wants to contribute.

Parratopia is now and as long as I can afford it will always be archived on website. [] That includes the history of the discovery and conversation on that area (see the forum archives). I also took out the domain name of [] shortly after my very good friend passed away to honor him, his discovery and to memorialize the material. I have a single page up at this time and will wait until the paper is published before stocking the site with all the material we have amassed on Parrotopia.

Though knowing you are looking to do something there tells me I'd better get moving on the material already available or it will just become a part of YOUR files.

It is also in the public domain that the only re-imaging done of the area was through a request made by me and carried out by the MGS. It was at the very end of the life of that orbiter. We like to think that Malin honored Wil and his discovery by using the original Parrotopia image from several years ago as the image of the day shortly after Wil passed.

Wil was my very good friend and partner, after many years of my running the forums at, Wil took over the leadership and the material there was a reflection of his leadership during that time.

The image on Amazon was Wils' it had his notations... being used to promote your book... It is the self same image as on page 306. And no Wil did not direct George to do anything with the image, especially send it to you... If you are without fault for it being up there it would have been easier to respond to my very first email to you... Silence sir is not always golden! (in case you want to say you didn't get that email, I used the same address that George Haas supplied to me we are also good friends)!

Let it also be known that when asked by George Haas for permission to use images from your archives that you asked for monetary compensation. The end result was that I along with George reproduced the images and drawing works that George Haas included in his book The Cydonia Codex, reflections from Mars.

That the image was pure enough from the public domain belies the fact the processed one appears in your book. The processed image is NOT public domain and your excuse that it happened to be in your files is typical of how you have handled such things over the years.

The Viking image (which I asked about in a later post here) was not annotated. Exactly which image was that? Was that little detail also edited out of the book along with the explanation of the George Haas email on the Tet? And further why is the reader led to think that this pyramid has something to do with cydonia? In fact ones' impression is that the Tet is in Cydonia.

I note that the highest resolution of the Viking orbiter was 40 meters per pixel. How can you see anything on the surface that would be a mere 7 pixels? The size of the Tetrahedron is aprx. 280 meters, measured across to the longest points at the ground.

I personally do not agree with many of your conclusions and I think the simple fact that your book lies in the fiction listings shows that your science simply isn't there.

I am an avid reader of Grahams works along with many others of the past civilization genre but I find your material is just over the top and unbelievable. I also believe it hurts the anomaly community by painting all of us as quacks. Serious work like Grahams, West, Buval etc. gets dismissed when it gets associated with yours.

I would expect that in the next publication of this current fable that you will treat the dead properly and notate the image on page 306 properly with an apology to Wil.

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