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I echo Richard's sentiments wholeheartedly. I've admired your work over the years. Your diligence and devotion to the facts are powerful allies in the search for the truth about this unjustifiably ridiculed and important subject. I heard an interview with you on Beyond The Ordinary recently where you mentioned a new book you hope to publish on the implications of ET contact (?). I look forward to reading it and will continue to follow your work. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Please come back and visit when you can.

I hope you get to see a genuine UFO in your lifetime.



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Thank you guest AOM: Stanton Friedman 253 Richard Fusniak 31-May-05 23:59
Re: Thank you guest AOM: Stanton Friedman 132 HarryWJYoung 01-Jun-05 00:29
Re: Thank you guest AOM: Stanton Friedman 120 degiem1 01-Jun-05 01:40
Re: Thank you guest AOM: Stanton Friedman 237 Mercury Rapids 17-Jun-05 13:49

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