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What I don't ever see discussed re: the Roswell debris is this:

Let's say it really WAS a balloon (mogul, etc.). How could anyone assume it's an alien craft when, by EXPERIENCE, people know that things that take people up in the air are made from RIGID materials (excluding the hot-airballoon issue which still has a basket or the propane assembly)?

IOW, if I plant some flimsy (i.e. NON-rigid) debris in a field somewhere, unless that material exhibits a completely NEW type of behavior (as the Roswell debris seems to have done), people wouldn't likely assume it's from outer space especially if there is ONLY flimsy debris present or debris that doesn't look like it could support air flight.


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Roswell debris - assumption by layman of being "alien" 225 JimLewandowski 06-May-05 18:13
Re: Roswell debris - assumption by layman of being "alien" 146 music 13-May-05 05:58

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