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thanks Lee for this post. The worst is that priests use women without them realizing it to control the households. In my birth country it is obvious as women in my family use to go to confession and were brainwashed to view sex as shameful resulting in their husbands being so frustrated that the couple was destroyed from inside and the Priest knew everything who went on in the household because the women went to confession to report it. This has been going on for centuries and who had the upperhand on all the couples of the village the Priest.

When I searched the net for the historical Jesus and many connections I found a document I wish I had printed and was so naive I posted it on the board at the time where I posted (not the GHMB) it was on an Illuminati plot to use women to control men through pushing them to spend more etc..* and all I read was making sense and unfolding before my very eyes and I thought to myself this is true I can explain now everything I witnessed thanks to this document. The problem is apparently this document indisposed the board I posted who considered it as antimason because little did I know that the templar board was payed for by the freemasons. Of course when I clicked on the link again a few weeks after the site had been put down. At first I didn't make the link but one day I went on the freemason board of the same site and saw a post of a freemason boasting he had managed to have shut down several antimasons sites. Still I am well aware that I can't generalise from this adventure but It made me think.
You will notice in the churches mostly women and few men and mostly aged women not many young ones. The aged ones are those who have the money. Also if you do to the shopping you will notice that the prices of items for women are much more expansive than those for men (explanation in the document) it is done on purpose because they know that men won't buy expansive items unlike women who are ready to pay the high price to buy quality...... every little trait of women is exploited in this document to serve a purpose. Don't tell me we (men and women) are not victims of sharks in high places ?
Dan Brown got it right with his character the guy who was slave of Opus Dei. A poor orphan recuperated, housed and fed by a priest of Opus Dei in exchange of saling his soul to him. Of course it was done on a more subtle level but the result was that this guy considered the priest later Cardinal I think like his savior and was ready to do anything for him. Lots of drifters are recuperated this way and sing the praise of Jesus the savior.
Also so many websites of people claiming being survivors of abuse and horrific experiences verse in an immoderate adoration for Jesus. I am not saying that all those are recuperated but you can see the tremendous potential for further abuse ? scary if you ask me.
Besides men are victims too because they were forced to play the macho role when actually a lot of men would have prefer a more balanced role and I am sure that it pushed some to the other side meaning as they could'nt fit in the dogmatic role imparted to them they stayed away from women alltegether. This is tragic and has still tragic consequences today.

Jesus IMV is a metaphor anyway but of course I embrace only the One who loved women because I love men and it saddens me when I came in North America this constant struggle between the genders.
* these psychological weapons of course were top secrets but apparently the document had been forgotten on a xerox machine hence the person who found it made a copy. It was something like the infamous Bildenberg document but I am not sure of the title now. Every way you could control mind the people was explored. No doubt that when you can't destroy openly the masses you can always find others means to lead them to their demise. What I retained from this document is the expression of utter contempt for the sheeple that we are.

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