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Dear all,

During the first weekend of May, the entire team will be joined in their annual team meeting at Graham’s place in England. We are very much looking forward to that occasion as you can imagine. Steve will fly in from Canada and Kees will do so from the Netherlands. Guy, Steve and Richard are all from within England and are forced to use less luxurious forms of transport.

This 2005 team meeting will be significant in more than one way. First off all it will mark the completion of Graham’s latest book and he will no doubt tell us all about it. Also Graham will, from that moment on, finally have the time again to engage in discussions on the GHMB. So we will all be seeing him post and debate again as he used to. And to be honest, we all have been missing that part very much over the last six months or so.

Besides evaluating last year and the lessons to be learned from that, the main topic of our meeting will be finalizing all the improvements and new offerings the team has been working on behind the scenes for the last six months or so.

We have mentioned on various occasions that we are in the process of further improving the site for you and we feel it is about time we should start spilling some beans over what to expect. Our planning is such that we will be implementing these improvements and new offerings end of May or early June.

Ok, so what are we going to do?

Well, first of all we will be introducing a new, more logical, navigation structure. This means for instance that the top menu bar will be much more condensed and easier to use. Some parts that have been getting a lot of menu bar room will be placed in archives. Other parts will be grouped into one menu bar item instead of three overlapping as it is now. A site map will be added, so all in all this will enhance your stay at the site.

Secondly, we will be implementing some stunning new page layouts all created by Steve (jaimi2) who has worked for some of Canada’s leading companies as Creative Director. These layouts are made to emphasise the scope of a specific page or board. I have seen the first drafts and they do look awesome. It will make the site a visually more pleasant and logical environment all together.

Thirdly, on our miscellaneous board we have asked you to come up with improvements that you would like to see implemented. We have seen many good ideas. We will decide at the meeting what will be feasible or not. I have to mention also that at the second part of the meeting our service provider Amazing Internet will also join us to discuss all of the tweaks and bits you can come up with, so keep them coming!

We all love to discuss matters on line with our favourite authors which is why we created a separate Author Of the Month board in August 2004. We have noticed that our Author Of the Month sessions have therefore become even more popular.

We have chosen to build on this by introducing two new offerings to the site.

The first will be the E-zine which will be available for sale in our new Multi Media Download section. In this E-zine we will feature articles from all of your favourite authors from our Author Of the Month program. As well, articles by Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Phorum Members you know as ‘power posters’ on our Message Boards. The E-zine is being designed by Steve and will be of a very high standard comparable with a glossy magazine. On average it will be 40 pages of high value information laced with relevant high end visual designs developed by Steve and the authors.

In addition to the E-zine we will be introducing a Radio Show also for sale in our new Multi Media Download section. In this radio show you will hear interviews with all of your favourite Authors Of the Month as well as regular contributions from Graham and other interesting guests.
The show will be hosted by a professional former BBC radio host Guy Leigh. He will bring to the Radio Show a highly professional level of presentation while interviewing Author’s Of the Month and other guests.

Our plans are to provide a new radio show approximately every month, and a new issue of the E-zine every quarter.

I hope I have spilled enough beans to wet your appetite for all the new things we are about to introduce at I can tell you that we are extremely excited about these new media offerings and can hardly wait to announce the first releases very soon.


The team

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