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Dear Patrick,

On page 65 you mention the end of the verse in Jude, this time taken form the KJV. Speaking of these fallen angels and the activities of the people in Sodom and Gomorrah and those prior to the Flood, we read :

- in like manner giving themselves over to fornitation and going after strange flesh.....

you add :
the word "strange" here is "heteros" in the Greek, which means "another of a different kind, usually denoting a generic distinction.

Well then how do you explain that "heteros" is the root for "heterosexuals" ? are the man and the woman of a different genetic kind ? is it strange that the man and the woman unite with each other ?
There is something "strange" pun intended in this reasoning.

But this is just the beginning of my uneasiness when on page 121
you add :
in the chapter : TIME OF THE SIGNS
When describing the moral and spiritual state of the world of the last days , the Messaiah compared it to two other distinct periods of history.
Firstly he said that he would be like the day of Noah, when all the people of the world were "eating, drinking, marrying and given in marriage".

you add down the same page to my dismay :
after comparing what was said in the day of Noah :
We are told as well that they were "eating, drinking, marrying and given in marriage". The implication of that this was their main activity in life : to eat well and get drunk so they could fulfil the lusts of the flesh.

Now most people will feel concerned for the eating and the drinking (not me) however I am curious as why marrying and given in marriage equals
with fulfilling the lusts of the flesh ?

I ask the question to the married man that you are ? Are you saying that marriages should not be consumated ? or are you implying that we shouldn't marry in the first place ?

Then why Jesus said to leave our parents and cling to the wife ? I mean I find all that pretty contradictory if you ask me.... unless of course the OT and the NT have been edited and of course the KJB version as well adding to that the 33.000 mistranslations what a load.

p 123 you mention that "homosexuality" in the Bible is a vile thing and it is because this rampant promiscuity that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Well "sodomy" as I understand it is not confined to the same sex.........?
I for one would like to see condemned that too when applied to heterosexuals couples but after all who I am to judge of other preferences ? By the way the only thing I agree with the Jehovah Witnesses is that they condemn the "blow job" for that they have my sympathy, lol. I am not kidding just letting a bit of "steam" out after a period of intense focus on your book.

Now my question is what are we supposed to do on earth ?
"heteros" means strange so there is a problem with "heterosexuals"
"homosexuals" in the Bible is a vile sin. Of course if the goal is to make children I can understand it doesn't sit too well with God but is it really the goal ? Wonder when I read what follows ?
Being busy with eating, drinking, marriage and given in marriage as well as building and planting lead to the disaster of the flood and the eradiction of Sodom and Gomorrah.....

So now I wonder what the hell are we on earth on the first place ?
Patrick nothing personal here but these citations of the Genesis and Bible have me more confused that anything else.

On top of that if this God Yahweh is allmighty what it is with him that made him Lucifer so flawless in appearance then suddenly he finds unbearable defects down the road....... I really have a hard time with all that.
I wouldn't be honest if I was saying the contrary.

Anyway as I said I am not finished with the book. But just wanted to let you know how I felt for now.

By the way I enjoyed a lot the part on "Louis Cifer" except that I personally would have written it "Louis Cypher", lol.
But about the tarots you seem to see as a devilish tool I have that to say.
Last time I went to the bookstore I asked to see the tarot decks.
Naively I thought I would find the same game we used to play in Lorraine in our family (just an innocent cards game) but instead I saw that now they were interpreting the future with it. In my childhood tarot like bridge was a game card not more and everybody was playing tarot when bridge was lets say more for the intellectuals. Now a simple game of tarot has been devilized .... I am wondering what next.... you know in a way I find that really scary..........

However I feel you are right when you depict the genetic engeenering and pantheon of half beasts-half human of the Egyptians and all those horrors committed against men to exterminate them and it is still going on right now. Just one thing there is only 1/3 of fallen angels but you never mention the 2/3 of good angels ? But I am only on page 127 may be the best is yet to come at least I hope.

Patrick also another question. In your opinion is there still on earth today a bloodline not contaminated by those fallen angels like say Noah's family at the time of the deluge ? I have actually read that good spirits try to curb the bad influence of those incarnated fallen angels by marrying them with pure bloodlines (you know like we do to improve horse genetic bloodlines) to diminish the "evil" in the blood. Right now I am searching for the validity of "eternal sin" through blood like you mention when the Bible says that the acts of people will have an impact on the 7th generation but it maybe for normal people not for spirits incarnated .........

Well all I can say is I begin to dwell in this domain and it is not easy to find our way..........


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