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Oh Eddy I wouldn't dream to make you jalous but this year the squirrels didn't show. They were content to chew my birdfeeder plastic bands the year before so I have had the privilege to watch the blue jays, the woodpeckers, along with the chickadees and other more common birdies go to the feed. A sad note a nice big lone "robin" was spotted in the bare apple tree chewing on a rotten apple and my husband was pretty concerned about him. Then 2 days later he told me there was no trace of the robin left except for his feathers scattered everywhere..... it made me sad as we couldn't explain why this robin wasn't gone south and why he chose to stick to the rotten apple when my husband placed a fresh one to his disposal. Those cats are deadly... but there are also raccoons and coyotes so I don't know who to blame. Also first thing in the morning when I open the door to the dog a ring neck pheasant takes his flight in front of our nose as he is disturbing while feeding on the fallen seeds.

I can't wait for the other birds to come back 'robins, yellow crossbeaks, meadowlarks, hummingbirds..... the sight of the hummingbirds in my delphiniums is breathtaking. I usually have the lounge chair not far than 2 meters from the flowers and they come as if there was nobody there.

I think we should bo a birdwatch on this board and report the different birdies. It would be nice... what do you think ?

PS. we have also deers and porcupines and rabbits and my dog is very busy chasing all the beasties....

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