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Hi Greg and all,

On behalf of the team I welcome you to the boards and I hope you will have a good time here :-))

On your post, you said: "For instance, the well-known self-portrait of Poussin has the 'shepherdess' in the background, with a 'third eye' represented at the top of her head."

Well, Jaimi and I went to Paris last year and stood in front of that very same painting in the Poussin hall in The Louvre. It was only then that I saw that there was an eye instead of jewellery.

Although I can understand that you think that the woman on that self portrait is the shepherdess, I feel there to be no absolute proof of that.

We know Poussin used some figures in several paintings, so I went over all the paintings of Poussin to find another depiction of this woman and you are right, the shepherdess comes close but it's no "perfect" match.

In the Dance to the music of time painting you can find a resemblance also.

Do you have any other sources that tell us the woman in the self portrait is indeed the Shepherdess from The Shepherds of Arcadia painting?

BTW, who do you think is holding her?



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