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Hi all, Tom Harpur will be returning in month or two for further discussion of 'The Pagan Christ' once his book gets more circulation in the group and he is finished his next release which he is promoting now. If anyone missed the discussions, you can pick up some reading here:


and here:


Our next AOM comes recommended by Colin Wilson. The writer is Michael Hayes and his book is called 'High Priests, Quantum Genes'.

Michael Hayes

His book - High Priests, Quantum Genes.

Here is an introduction written by Colin Wilson:


High Priests, Quantum Genes

Michael Hayes

with an introduction by Colin Wilson

Black Spring Press



In High Priests, Quantum Genes, Michael Hayes identifies number patterns which appear to form the basis of universal laws of science or ‘creation’. These are to be found in many early belief systems and mythologies, and have carried down to all of the major monotheistic religions. It is also to be found right through scientific discoveries of all ages, including the latest quantum and superstring theories and recent developments in DNA research. The octave system in Western music is an expression of this, showing that music is an expression of harmonies more fundamental than we might ever have realised. The concept of ‘the music of the spheres’ is therefore, Hayes believes, not a fanciful one but essential to an understanding of the forces that govern and shape the cosmos.

The book breezes through theology, astrophysics, myth and quantum physics, and might be simply bemusing, but for Hayes’s ability to keep the focus: Colin Wilson comments, ‘The performance is often . . . dazzling, reminding the reader of a juggler who can keep ten balls in the air at the same time’. Hayes’s insights are those of the generalist: someone concentrating on one narrow area would not have seen the breadth of connection that Hayes has picked out and uses to great effect.

If you wonder what is important about Hayes’s proposition, it is that conventional wisdom often sees science and religion or the spiritual as opposites, or at the very least sharply distinct. Hayes sees them as different ways of expressing the same thing, both based on the same fundamental truth.

Geoff Ward, writing in the Western Daily Press, has described the book as ‘epoch-making’; Colin Wilson writes, ‘what Mike Hayes has discovered could be as important as the original discovery of DNA’. It is certainly a challenging and engaging read, one that is not afraid to make ambitious claims - and to back them.


We'll have a forum article up shortly and Michael on to discuss his book in a couple of days.

The book can be purchased online at:





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