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Hi Michael and all,

Thanks for the reply, and the 22/7 question has been answered very well indeed.
But maybe I need to explain myself a bit better on my “selecting” a scale question

What I meant with selecting the western scale has to do with the following:

We know that the octave is well known through history and in all different musical regions of the world. Regardless if we look at Western, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, yes even Ancient Egyptian, you name it, the octave is known. However, the division of this very octave differs from culture to culture. Arab music divides the octave into sixteen unequal intervals. The Persians divided their octave into 24 steps, so they must have used quarter tones. From excavated Egyptian flutes a seven note scale C, D, E, F#, G, A, B, have been discovered, which is identical with the Syntolydian scale of ancient Greece. Chinese scales are also divided into 12 lesser Sounds or Tones. And if I remember correctly the Indian Raga’s divide the octave also in seven intervals but with a host of semitones.

This does justify the question why western scales are used as backbone in the template. Isn’t it reasonable to suggest that if there is a far larger meaning to be given to scales, this is a universal truth and should be found on more places than one?



PS Some information I posted here came from Thomas Váczy Hightower’s website.

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