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Hi Tom and all,

Indeed, it's a very good document. A bit difficult to read for me as non native English, but in the end I got there.

It is good because it gives a splendid insight into the formal Christian stand on New Age.

What I find amazing though, is the fact that the work of Massey, Kuhn and others on the origin of Christianity are not mentioned at all.
Thomas Kuhn is mentioned just once but this is in relation to his definition of "paradigm shift". One can really wonder, while Kuhn himself is mentioned in the study, why his most important stuff is left out. It's not as if they don’t know him. Amazing.

No doubt we will see an increase in very heated debate when "The Pagan Christ" will gain mainstream momentum, as critique as well as other books no doubt will follow.

It must have been over six years ago that I saw a documentary about the lay out of the pyramids on the Giza plateau. Its possible link of the three central stars of the Orion constellation to the three pyramids of Giza as proposed by Robert Bauval in his OCT, wiped me of my feet, what amazement!

After that came a "linked" interest in European history surrounding the vast body of official and unofficial history on Cathars, Templers, Rennes le Chateau, Nicolas Pousin and all that relates to that, only to end up in broad terms at a question about the origin of Christianity. A question carefully transported through the millennia using secret societies and all.
Who would have thought that after seeing Bauvals documentary :-).

Also, and if I quote correctly:
The three central stars, known by the AE as the three wise men, who travel every 19 years (Lunar cycle, Christian Easter) to a star (Sirius) can't be ignored. Especially when we realise that this ancient Egyptian myth can be dated to 6500 years ago (statues en texts).

It could be me, but it is staring in our face.

In addition, I've been told that the AE knew their stories about the gods in the sky to be allegories. This has a twofold significance.
First it undermines the later literalist rewriting and interpretation of the bible from day one so to speak. Secondly, if they where allegories from day one, what where they allegories off?

Among many other sources, the vehicle of Hermetism shows this. Binding of the opposites, as above so below, spirit in matter.

As I said before, spirit in matter is the only topic worthy of a religion :-).

So the allegory of the AE is about spirit in matter.

That the AE knew how this is incorporated into our human bodies can be seen in here:

The Djed pillar and the Osiris hat (or crown) speak volumes for those who see what is depicted.



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