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David, I, too, have achieved my insights through meditation - but not the kind of deep meditation in which one brings to mind a geometrical symbol, etc., until he can keep it as visible and fixed in his mind as if he were seeing it with his physical eyes. Krishmurti himself condemned this type of meditation, saying that it would ultimately cause serious brain damage. What I do is just take an early walk in the desert every morning, letting the thoughts flow in and out freely, observing them objectively, just as I would observe bacteria through a microscope.

Now, if we're going to fall into the trap of saying that there is just one way, such as concentrating on chakras, etc., we're back at Su-Meru (The Great Mountain), squabbling among ourselves again. "Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows," said the famous radio quiz show host, Major Bowes, when I was a child. What we must do is not be dogmatic, combative, and exclusive. We must all roll up our sleeves and work for the best methods of finding the keys for breaking out of this damned jail. It CAN and WILL be done. As Reverend Martin Luther King once said, "We SHALL overcome!"

Through the sciences, we will surely take the elitism out of spiritual development. In fact, right now, the old Kali Age (the Age of Elitism and Exploitation) is on the wane, and the new Treta Age is beginning to ascend, in which elitism will cease to exist. That's why man must educate himself fully. While there will be people who will not need physics, math, technology to reconnect with the physical world, many of us, and that includes me, DO!

The main thing that humanity must do is accept the reality of the spiritual world. And then, we must use scientific means to help everyone connect with it. It WILL happen. It's happening right now.

Father Francois Brune, a French priest, described his electronic contacts with the spiritual world in his book, Los Muertos Nos Hablan (The Dead Speak to Us). He said that these discoveries were made in the vatican itself.

When I was in Mexico City, in 1954, I was preparing an illustrated article for Weider Publications' now defunct True Strange Tales, about Mexico City's awesome Panteon Civil or Panteon de Dolores (Cemetery of Grief) where the bones of the dead are at much at home on top of the ground as under it. I photographed a certain skull. When the film was developed, there was a human head, somewhat transparent, hovering over the skull.

That could not have been a double exposure because that was impossible to do with the old Rolleiflexes. So, I know we CAN become aware of the spirit world through means other than meditation, etc.

Again, I say, let's not let that cruel old wheel of life turn back to Mt. Meru.

Gene D. Matlock

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