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Dear Dane,

Genesis says, "Now that the man as become like one of us, knowing good and bad, what if he should stretch out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever?" (22.)

The above statement refers to divine beings as more than one person. The Mayan Popol-Vuh tells story similar to the one about Adam and Eve. It said that the first men had divine powers, just as the gods did. The first humans conferred among one another and decided that if they had divine powers, they could actually become gods by no longer propagating. Then, as spirits without physical bodies they would become gods.

The Mother of the Gods and the godlings heard this and became concerned for their security. The Mother then threw steam on the minds of the first men, just as steam clouds a mirror. In this way, man could not fully know that he was more than just a body. Therefore, he devoted himself more enthusiastically to sexual dalliance and worldly thinking.

I say this: Adam and Eve found a way to break out of jail, just as the first Mayans did. Therefore, "God" reduced their mental capacities to make sure they served out their prison terms without escaping which, in the case of us humans, is hundreds of thousands of years, give or take a few millenniums. millenniums.

The Bible actually gives two different versions about the fall of mankind, but we tend to ignore this second version. In this version, the people decide to build a tower to heaven - the tower of Babylon in Sumeru. The Hindu version concerns the "great mountain," Su-Meru, which is probably Mt. Kailasa in Western Tibet. When "God" saw what they were about to do, he reduced man's knowledge of God to pure guesswork, making each man dependent on beliefs (guesswork) about the Divine Spirit. When this happened, humans began to squabble among themselves, saying such things as "The Sun is God;" Jehovah is God; Allah is God; Brahma is God; Shiva is God; etc." Their minds thus fragmented, they could no longer live in peaceful conviviality, each sect going its own way, spreading out all over the earth, forming new nations and languages.

This second fall of man, from Sumeru (the fall from the great mountain of Meru), accomplished what the Adam and Eve fiasco didn't. From that time on, Humpty Dumpty fell apart, never to be put back together again as ably evidenced by what's going on now in the Middle East and every other part of the world-in greater or lesser degree.

A lot of people tell me they don't think the world is a jail. I admit I love it myself, but the limitations of a purely physical body and environment cannot be denied. People who report near death and out of body experiences say that the spiritual dimension of man is so wonderful that in comparison, this earth is, indeed, a "Devil's Island" orbiting in space.

Gene D. Matlock

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