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In a prior posting, Mr. Novak asked for possible explanations for death. At the time, I was involved in other matters and did not post my opinions.

The secret of death is really not hard to figure out if one has the courage and stubbornness to admit the truth that man is really a spiritual being encased in a physical body. Every religion on earth states more than clearly that the earthly existence is a prison camp for criminal beings from a higher dimension. The Bible states that we are kept penned up by a flaming sword that turns each way. The Mayan Popol-Vuh states that the Mother of the Gods blew steam on our minds, just as steam fogs up a mirror, to keep us enslaved in sexuality and blind to our spirituality.

The Hindus come out and tell it like it is. In fact, earth as a prison even forms the rationale for their caste system. However, it is a false, manmade caste system. Each caste is supposed to determine a specific type of penance for past offenses in prior lives.

The people who report near-death and out-of-body experiences also say the same thing. Of course, neither the holy books nor the people reporting paranormal experiences say the word "prison." But the inference leaves no doubt as to what this earth really is.

My wife and I have a Mexican friend, Rita Koller, wife of an American friend, who once went to Tijuana to spend a few days with her sisters there. One night, as she was getting ready for bed, she fell over an invisible body. The voice of her dead grandmother then spoke: "I just want you girls to know that you're the ones who are dead; not I." Rita then went to her sister's bedroom, telling them what had just happened. The sisters said that the grandmother's ghost had been in the house for some time, but they were afraid to tell anyone, for fear of being regarded as crazy.

The only way for us humans to work our way out of prison is for us to get educated maximally and elevate our moral and ethical standards. Now, I'm not talking about a simple, pastoral life - or one in the jungles of Brazil. I'm talking about mathematics, physics, technical progress, reading, writing - the whole ball of wax. Even though one lives in a simple, peaceful society, he has no hope of escaping this prison if he doesn't get on the education, technical and science bandwagon, no matter how good he is. There is no other way out of this mess. If some people don't like this, please don't get on my case. Complain to the beings in the higher dimensions.

Gene D. Matlock

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