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RLPoole Wrote:
seasmith wrote:
> Eh ? Get what ?
> I hesitate to embark on this topic here, instead
> of the Science board; but the whole mish-mash of
> gravity and magnetism as presented here on the
> prestigious AOM channel is a menace to young minds
> seeking to order their logic and reason upon sound
> scientific principles.
> Leaving off gravity for the moment, because of its
> innate gravitas, let's take a quick gander at the
> rubric "magnetism".
> Magnetism may be dubbed a primary force, or as the
> "single-most fundamental force" in RLP's words;
> but only if a good working definition of 'force'
> is established first. Any eighth grade physics
> student can affirm that All local magnetism has an
> antecedent electric current.
> Even 'permanent magnets' are created with an
> intense electric current impinging upon amenable
> atomic nuclei, usually in some dense form of
> matter.
> As for detected magnetic 'fields' in rarified
> space (detected always by electric means), one can
> just look at the wonderful explosion of recent
> images from the latest space scopes depicting
> electric "jets", filaments, discs and
> neural-looking networks; to see the ubiquity of
> electric currents wherever one looks.
> Ed the brilliant Latvian, it seems, had some
> interesting looking electric devices at his castle
> site as well.
> seasmith

> It seems that by "sound scientific principles,"
> you mean the status quo of incorrect information,
> generationally-passed.
> The ironic part is that my entire argument fits
> nicely in the box of currently accepted physics,
> however it unifies the Relativistic and eliminates
> the Quantum Mechanics from having to be the
> apologist for the flaws in Relativity.


It does fit nicely in a box, with or without invoking "Relativity" or "Quantum Physics", which is why i am warning young impressionable minds to read the ingredients label, and not be fooled by the flashy packaging.

> Einstein was brilliant. What I find amazing is
> that he got so much of it right, not that he got a
> small part of it wrong. But the details mean
> everything. I'm not imagining things, there is
> actual, established science which corroborates my
> statements, even if you are unaware of it. I
> wasn't chosen out of a hat, to represent this
> subject. I have performed my due diligence in
> numerous disciplines, including Physics,
> Archaeoastronomy, Mathematics, celestial
> mechanics, electricity, foreign languages,
> code-breaking, and historical research.
> >>

Perhaps you should go back and revisit the "Physics" indoctrination you received at that pricey university.
Real physics is what we are talking about here.

> You make the Electrical Universe argument. You are
> understandably mistaken. Magnetism combined in
> certain ways creates electricity. Electricity can
> be separated back into its individual magnetic
> components, as you said in making a magnet. Since
> electricity is composed of magnetism, magnetism is
> the more pervasive, powerful, and adaptable force.
> Magnetism had to exist before electricity could be
> possible, because electricity could not be
> possible without magnetism. Conversely, magnetism
> exists just fine without the presence of
> electricity.

> >>

No, the Electrical Universe crowd seems to have no better grasp of gravity than your pop-science meander does.

> We are an electrical planet because we have a
> spinning magnetic core for a generator. The
> electrical power generated by the core does not
> come back to the core, therefore the core is the
> origin point for the electrical power expressed.


Umm, how did the core get magnetic ? Is it full of magnetic unipoles ?
No, because unipolar magnets do not exist. Charge on the other hand, doesn't have that problem. Electrical 'ground' (earthing, if you're British) can be either-or.
But forget all that pesky E and M stuff and get down to the elephant on the planet, gravity.
It also is non-polar, just like fundamental charge,
but its force vector designation is in the opposite direction to charge. Surely you came across Faraday and Maxwell somewhere in your grand journey of erudition ? Are you beginning to see the hierarchy here, or is to still too aetheric to discern ?

Sorry, i'm not trying to be mean here, you're probably an interesting bloke to have a beer with and all that.
It's just that when i smell BS, i'm inclined to warn others to watch their step. A simple civil duty if you please

> Or, to quote the great physicist, Maury
> Povich"Electricity, the results are
> in.........Magnetism, you ARE the father!"

Maury Povich is your guiding light ?? Well when you get as many "likes" as Maury, then you will have finally made the Big time.
Meanwhile, why not just follow the great Bill Nye Science Guy : )

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