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I appreciate your comments, and it is my whole-hearted desire to explain things in a way that everyone can understand, or else what is the point?

If gravity is a force, why can they not control it, define it, or create it? And, if they cannot do ANY of those things, why is it considered a force at all? And even more, why would something you cannot define, create, or control be the foundation of modern science????

Gravity is measured with a gradiometer, which only measures MAGNETISM. Scientists admit this openly, and no one raises an eyebrow. The reason is because gravity is the result of a force, not the actual force, itself. Gravity is the result of magnetism interacting with the resistance of the fabric of SpaceTime as we hurtle through it. This causes a curvature which can be detected, and even predicted. Gravity is the effect of a force, not the force itself. If magnetism is a "pull," then gravity is a "push," and they are both travelling in the same direction.

Neil Degrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist who delights in debating the science of physics with those who disagree with the mainstream view, and loves the sound of his own voice more than anything in the world, refuses to engage in a debate with little ol' me. If what I am saying is so easily disproven, then why do high-level scientific minds pretend like they are deaf when I challenge them? Why would they refuse an opportunity to educate me, and anyone else in the error of my ways??? He also refuses to debate me in matters of astronomy. The reason, simple: because I will win. When it comes to my research, the only way to not lose in a debate with me, is to simply not engage. They can only ignore me. I would very much like to appear on Joe Rogan's podcast with Mr. Tyson for a live one-on-one debate concerning the discoveries and breakthroughs I have made. But, that will only happen when enough people put pressure on Mr. Rogan, and Mr. Tyson to do so. Otherwise, the mainstream physicists and astronomers will simply refuse to acknowledge my work, rather than debating me on it, and then losing badly. What I have to say upsets an established order, and it is high time to do so. But, it will not come through me, but through the desire of other people to see and hear what I have to say on a platform like Mr. Rogan's, through popular request.

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