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I may have not been clear, but I'm in total agreement to what you're saying. I've never been a fan of the Geopolymer theory. The surround of the unfinished Oblisk, the knife point thinness of groves cut into rock that, if cut by a saw blade, would imply such a think saw blade that no metal exists that can maintain its integrity at that thinness while enduring the heat of the cut, the clear examples of rock grooves that cross each other in Peru which demonstrate material bulging out of the way of a dragged tool, over top of a perpendicular groove, etc. The amount of circumstantial evidence all together makes an excellent case for softened stone technology. Although the mere mention of that idea here inspires very angry responses - warning..

But what I was suggesting is that the Geopolymer people, while perhaps misguided, are making findings of a changed material make up when compared to the presumed source material, which is why they believe this is evidence that it was mixed and reformed with other materials, that they believe make up part of what they assume is a binder. As I say, I'm not in agreement, but I have assumed what ever process that can soften stone, must be a process that alters the material down to a molecular level, and during that process, has left some kind of signature in the make up of that material, which I believe the microspectroscopy is picking up in these tests for 'geopolymers' evidence.

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