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I haven't read the book, but it does sound interesting, and certainly if there is any promise of shedding some light on the Coral Castle and Ed Leedskalnin mysteries, then I'll follow this investigation.

However, if its flirting with a necessary paradigm shift to be considered, which implies releasing some commonly held idea's about how the universe works to be open enough to comprehend, then its one of many new idea's that require that, so it forces me to have to consider what it is that puts this idea above the competition for this big ask.

And the closest theory to this that I have already followed and considered, which has a much more established support and background is the Electric Universe Theory. So for this new idea to take a first step towards 'valid enough to consider as a reason to make a paradigm shift', I'd need to see if the EU has been considered and compared for its common area's, route relationships, or at least parallel considerations, before I could continue.

Was that explored at all in the book?

The first part is a completely fair statement, and I appreciate the manner in which it is given. There are many theories competing for this impending shift of knowledge, and only the correct one should have that place.

The second part: I don't care how much support or background a theory has, it does not increase its accuracy. It is the cause, not the number of followers, which guarantees success. I have performed my research independently of other theories. It is up to you, the reader, to compare my research with what you already know, and come to your own conclusions, and make your own connections. You cannot do that without studying the material. So, if you're asking me before you buy my book,if it will agree with your pre-conceived notions, I honestly have no idea. However, you may find independent correlations which support your theory, or information which may give you pause, and perhaps convince you to think differently. Either way, are you interested in something agreeing with you, or are you interested in it being correct? I address the theories of Ed Leedskalnin, because he is the only one to have actually proven his theories in the practical application of that knowledge in building the impossible Coral Castle. If those theories line up with yours, awesome. If they dont, maybe take some time to reflect on that, and try to understand why. That's what I offer.

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