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Thanks for the reply here. I really look forward to learning more about the wider applications of this magnetism. What you've mentioned here, is quite over my head for now, but I would think that a lot of people who are interested in things like Ley lines, the curious placements of various ancient monuments, and so on will really appreciate your more nuanced elaborations.

You brought a lot of interesting things up, such as the apparent pliability of stone under certain conditions. Eg Puma punku sic. I would think that you could at least make this sound plausible to those who are conversant about the finer points, otherwise I would think that you are too bright to raise this as a possibility...

You love this stuff, dont you? Ha! me, too! You are too kind with your compliments, they are sincerely appreciated.

Ley lines are fascinating. I think that these paths are the history of former places where the magnetic path of important celestial alignments have taken place, and anomalous activity was detected. In other words, I think that we have been tracking this celestial alignment/magnetic anomaly for hundreds of years without knowing what it was. We know the effect, but not the cause. When we witness the alignment Ed shows on Sept. 23rd, it involves a total solar eclipse. Where is Ed at that Exact moment? On exactly the opposite side of it on the planet! I think that's what the Ley lines are marking, it very well could be the trail of the anomalous effect of celestial magnetism on the opposite side of the alignment. It makes sense.

It would also explain the purpose of the mechanism known as the Antikythera Device.

What I refer to about the pliability of stone under certain conditions is an admittedly deductive leap at this point, but the circumstantial case for me to do so is compelling. And, the theory of breaking the magnetic bond between stone and water, and causing them to combine to form a substance more like the consistency of stiff clay bears out in the apparent textures and impressions left at other megalithic sites, as well. More information is needed to make a positive claim of this.

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