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P to tha B,

Thank you for your kind words regarding my writing. I think it is of the utmost importance to make this information as accessible as possible for all readers, and decided against using overly verbose explanations so that the point does not get lost. I appreciate knowing that it was a good call. It is also not always easy!

"Magnetism, Ed found, is the single-most fundamental force of the universe, and everything that occurs is simply an expression of that fundamental force. This becomes obvious once you start understanding the culmination of very basic and common-sense observations such as the Earth having all of the traits of a giant celestial magnet in space, and then extrapolate that immediately apparent idea across the concept of space itself. The challenges to understanding topple like dominoes once the premise of a magnetic universe comes into view.."

Two currents. Ed always refers to electricity, and magnetism as having two currents.

We can easily see magnetism on our planet as a pulling force. It pulls ferromagnetic objects toward its center. Now it becomes confusing as to how plants, animals, and most minerals are pulled down toward the center as well when we have insufficient ferromagnetic material to be attracted enough to the magnetic core.

Gravity, as I have come to understand from Ed, is an expression of the magnetic interaction of our planet as we move through the fabric of SpaceTime. The magnetism of our planet, the movement of our planet, and the medium that we are moving through causes a curvature in SpaceTime, and this curvature is felt and seen as the phenomenon of gravity on our planet. In an equal and opposite reaction, gravity pushes down on the matter on this planet (ferromagnetic, or otherwise), and holds us to it.

When we can consider two separate forces, both moving in the same direction simultaneously, but with one being pushed, and one being pulled, we could very well be talking about electricity, magnetism, or gravity.

This actually aligns better with Newton's Laws than one may initially think. This explanation changes the game altogether, and still stays within the bounds of known science. It is simply a better understanding of the cause, and force of gravity, which may have just been enough for Ed to be able to take advantage of. It would also explain his obsession with celestial alignments. Waiting for the path of these curvatures to be at an optimum trajectory for him to be able to use one force to overcome the other when they are at their weakest.

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