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And magnetism only works on iron.

As I mentioned before, we might have some iron in us, and I will have mine tested in a blood test next week! - but I don't think I become any lighter if it is a bit low.


Poster Boy Wrote:
> Hello again, RL
> First of all, kudos on your writing style. As a
> person of obviously high intelligence, you also
> possess a talent that others of your ilk lack, the
> ability to speak clearly and in terms that lay
> folk like myself require.
> So, you've gone all-in with the magnetism. Who am
> I to doubt the validity of your evangelical zeal,
> especially since I now have a much better sense of
> your level of commitment to this subject. I
> greatly enjoyed the way you presented certain
> things which attest to the complexity of the
> relationship between gravity and magnitism, if
> indeed the former exists. And I will never look at
> clouds the same way. Even though I have known for
> some time that they are immensely heavy entities,
> I never really thought about how they could stay
> up there what with gravity and all. So, surely
> some scientists, if not most, will say that is has
> to do with the tenuous relationship that exists
> between gravity and the Earth's magnetism, I
> think..
> So, you have left me with a number of things to
> think about these next few days yes, as I shall.
> But in the meanwhile, perhaps in this little
> corner you can build on the emerging paradigm, or
> the lost paradigm, which is encapsulated in this
> excerpt from near the end of your book:
> From kindle page 98 percent
> "Magnetism, Ed found, is the single-most
> fundamental force of the universe,
> everything that occurs is simply an expression of
> that fundamental force. This becomes obvious once
> you start understanding the culmination of very
> basic and common-sense observations such as the
> Earth having all of the traits of a giant
> celestial magnet in space, and then extrapolate
> that immediately apparent idea across the concept
> of space itself. The challenges to understanding
> topple like dominoes once the premise of a
> magnetic universe comes into view.."
> PB - by now I think you know me well enough to
> know that I am loathsome of scientists who
> propagate b******* when they know better. But I
> also have good faith, and so I would like to think
> that there are very good reasons for scientists to
> stand behind statements like the one below. And so
> I wonder, given your obvious enthusiasm, if you
> can expose the statement below in swift and
> concise fashion. It seems to reflect mainstream
> sciences current position, no pun intended:
> "Gravity is a force that acts between any two
> objects with mass. ... Unlike gravity, which
> occurs between any objects, magnetism depends on
> specific properties of objects. Magnetism can
> either pull the two objects together or push them
> apart, depending on which way the magnets point."
> Or
> "Gravity and magnetism are not the same thing. In
> fact, they are completely separate forces. Gravity
> is a force that acts between any two objects with
> mass. ... Magnetism can either pull the two
> objects together or push them apart, depending on
> which way the magnets point.Oct 22, 2007
> ["];
> Let's start here if you don't mind. I would think
> there must be something wrong here in your mind,
> yes?

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