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Over my head, RL. But just to be clear, you're not in disagreement with the apparent fact of the slit screen experiments and similar things that made quantum theory a big deal, right? You're point of departure is how those effects are described as being some sort of logical extension of Relativity, no?

Somewhat. Quantum Mechanics is the apologist for the theoretical shortcomings of Relativity to explain what happens at the micro level. Relativity works marvelously at the macro level, but as things get smaller, Relativity breaks down. Thus, Quantum Mechanics attempts to compensate for the shortcomings in Relativity, instead of tweaking Relativity itself in order to facilitate a cohesive, and universal theory of physics in this regard. Like Einstein, I rarely disagree with the results of the experiments, it is in the interpretation of them that has left us accidentally stranded on a very small and lonely island in the middle of physics.

This is understandable, but mistaken.

An example: Einstein became a household name by predicting that the stars behind the Sun, which are normally not visible to us, would be able to be seen during a total solar eclipse. He was correct. His reasoning was that gravity was so strong that it would bend light. He is correct, but also incorrect, in my opinion. My reasoning is that light was able to be bent because the medium of SpaceTime through which light was travelling would be bent, because of the curvature of gravity, caused by magnetism, and therefore the light would have no choice but to follow the path of least resistance. You see, it is small oversights like this which have nudged us from the path of wisdom, and they can be corrected without breaking or rewriting any of the major laws. Even my theory of magnetism, based on Leedskalnin's work, does not break any of the laws of physics, in fact, it is supported by it. Newton's Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Gravity is a curvature in the fabric of SpaceTime, the equal and opposite reaction of the ACTION of a giant magnetic sphere interacting with the fabric of SpaceTime. Newton's physics actually backs my theory up more than Einstein's. Even Nikola Tesla said that Einstein's Theory of Relativity was merely "a beggar wearing kingly robes".

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