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>>This is the third time you've thought it acceptable to come along and make your mark on the AoM board this month.

I Have No Intention of Derail.... your OP/AOM

The Opportunity ....To Invite Your Research* then Connect Regional Histories which have common Symbolism.

Internet Legacy....

Readership at some later point in Time*....may find both* Our Contributions, to be of Import.

T Bird

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THE QUEEN OF SHEBA 1007 MDaines 21-Feb-20 14:08
THE NAME OF THE LORD 168 MDaines 23-Feb-20 08:46
Re: THE NAME OF THE LORD 165 Thunderbird 23-Feb-20 15:25
Enough! 162 MDaines 23-Feb-20 16:06
Re: Apology ** 151 Thunderbird 23-Feb-20 16:39
Please stop. 170 MDaines 23-Feb-20 16:54
THE BIRTH 151 MDaines 26-Feb-20 12:20
SAINT ANTHONY’S PIG 150 MDaines 27-Feb-20 10:37
Re: SAINT ANTHONY’S PIG 139 thirdpal 28-Feb-20 17:25
Re: SAINT ANTHONY’S PIG 147 MDaines 29-Feb-20 07:32
Re: SAINT ANTHONY’S PIG 127 thirdpal 02-Mar-20 17:17
Re: SAINT ANTHONY’S PIG 158 seasmith 03-Mar-20 01:03
Re: THE QUEEN OF SHEBA 212 magisterchessmutt 01-Apr-20 01:59

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