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Hey Smith, you are welcome. At the beginning of Puharich's book he mentions two other books, Ancient Egypt Speaks and Bridey Murphy, both about channeling. I found Bridey Murphy online for a couple of bucks, but Ancient Egypt Speaks can cost hundreds of dollars. I ordered it through interlibrary loan. Have read both. Both about reincarnation. Ancient Egypt Speaks is VERY interesting. A medium speaks for NONA, a Babylonian princess who married Amenhotep III. Queen Tiy, the mother of Akhenaton, was apparently a tyrannical bitch of a person. I know the one image I recall of her, she is beautiful but looks fierce.
No reference to mushrooms.
But, I think any Egyptologist or linguist would be interested in reading it. Channeling took place and the book was written in the 1930's. It would be interesting to see if any of the stuff that came out has been proven. They recorded NONA speaking in New kingdom Egyptian and she explained some hieroglyphs as well. I am just not the scholar to verify or investigate it further.

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