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Thirdpal writes “This is, again, a bit off topic, but have you ever taken a stab at Linear A, the Minoan script? I would think someone like you might stand a chance at interpreting it.”

It’s a completely different ballgame. The Sumerian symbols were transliterated, i.e. the sounds matched to the symbols, long before I came along. And I've been working with the help of Sumerian dictionaries in the same way that somebody translating one modern language into another would do – but with slightly more scepticism and an open mind.

The difference between my results and academic translations is that I took the language to be monosyllabic. The officialised translations skip over many of the symbols, considering them to have a purely grammatical function. Perhaps that is true in later times, but not in THE STORY OF SUKURRU. Then again, it seems there has been very little consideration of the fact that these scribes were real people, that they might have been making jokes, using wordplay, encoding meanings, referring to mythologies that we know from other sources but don’t immediately associate with Sumer, etc.

I take no credit for the massive amount of groundwork that was done before someone slipped up and took THE INSTRUCTIONS OF SHURUPPAK (aka THE STORY OF SUKURRU) in such an obvious wrong direction. I would love to be the one who gets to the bottom of Linear A but there are no doubt others better equipped. Good question though! Thanks.

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