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I have a bucket list. So far I am not sick in any way, but I am 87 now, so not THAT LONG to go!
My last wish is to learn to play blues, and it so happens that I somehow got in touch with a large group of ukulele players, some of who do play blues. So I am in the process of learning blues at last. Then I can die happy!
But not yet! I still have family to care for and love and two elderly dogs. So, not yet!

Funny, when I discovered a learning facility for retired people, called 3ua, I think meaning university for the third age, I looked at the list of courses, and haha, there is one for making your own coffins!

I think I will stick with the ukuleles. I would not know where to put a coffin anyway! I have too much stuff to sort out already, to fit a coffin in. A bit morbid too. But my son and I are not scared of using the word DEATH. It is ok to say passed away, gone to greener pastures, left the body etc. but death covers it all, however has a threatening sound in our day and age.

I dread the death of my dogs. Have had 8 dogs before these two and mourned over them all.


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