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Interesting work you have there, Waqas...The Polymath, Unlocking The Power of Human Versatility. And your article has some great points, especially “ be a polymath is to be true to our primordial selves...” Child-like in some ways due to our curiosity and wide-eyed wonder at what life can offer as puzzles to be played with in all manner of ways.

Of course, how our brain is formed goes on to allow for such interesting ways of thinking and immersion into our surroundings and what we can make of those surroundings, whether we are encouraged by others or just go at things ourselves. And the brain can rewire itself, can’t it...some parts that aren’t up to the task of what they are needed for can acquire other parts to do the job, while most times particular parts cannot outsource when they are damaged.

Do you think the brains of polymaths do a lot of outsourcing into areas that are supposed to be used for other things, which is why the greats of humanity are able to achieve higher thinking?

Synesthesia comes to mind as an example of how two different results occur from a single source of input...people can see music and feel colours, so why not hear architecture or smell poetry too...yeah, some other areas are being enlisted to give natural inputs an extra way of being processed.

Thanks and all the best to you

No-one expects a Spanish Inquisition

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